David Grant Dean, highly respected fine artist of oils and has become known as an “Impressionistic Romantic Realist” through his portrait, still-life, and landscape painting. David's landscape art is telling of his love for the American Mountain West. While having roots in Palm Springs, California, David currently resides in the Wasatch Front of Utah and loves to travel the surrounding region to capture the vivid stream, mountain, wildlife, and historic views into Wyoming, Nevada, and New Mexico. Read more about David Dean.

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plein air painting 9x12 field studies


9x12 Oakley #pleinair

8x10 Pear in a Dish  #stilllife

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8x8 Peoa Ut

Moab Red Reflections 30x40
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Yellow and Blue 11 x14
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8x10 Head Study Christ
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Mirror Lake 8x8
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Plein Air woodland UT

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Plein Air Jackson hole

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grandma's favorite spice

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8 X 10 Sundance

16 x 24 15th Street Gallery



9 x 12 Montgomery Lee Gallery

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The Painting Styles of David Dean

Classical Academic

Classical Academic methods were used largely by the old masters during the Renaissance period and require a much more involved application of pigment. A complete underpainting ensures dimension and the results often times is that of a more unified even romantic feel. It's use today is much rarer in a world where very few are willing to take the time to produce a Renaissance piece of art. It is no wonder that the public is slowly becoming aware of its treasured value.

Plein Air

Plein Air is an approach to painting much favored by the impressionists, in which artists sketch outdoors to achieve a quick impression of light, air and color. The sketches are sometimes taken to the studio for reworking into more finished pieces or may be left untouched. They can also serve as references for larger paintings.

Alla Prima

Alla Prima is a painting technique in which pigments are laid on in one application, with little or no drawing or underpainting. (Alla Prima is also known as “Wet-on-wet”.) It requires fast work because painting has to be done before the first layer has had time to dry.